Our designers are always on top of their game trying to create innovative fabrics you will love.

In addition to our famous American premium denim we aim to surprise you with new fabrics, colours and prints, always in line with the latest trends. Of course all of our bottoms feature our exclusive Lift Tuck® Technology , no matter which fabric you choose. 

Read more about our fabrics below:

Our innovative denim fabrics all have their own unique properties to ensure you’ll enjoy a perfect fit. Think of the right amount of stretch, a fabric that conceals any imperfections and the use of silky smooth materials.  Find out for yourself!

Future Fit Denim
Future Fit Denim’s unique properties ensure a perfect fit that feels like a second skin. The elastic fibres in the fabric conceal imperfections for a beautifully formed silhouette. Choose one of our timeless grey or blue washes; perfect to wear all year round!

Luxury Touch Denim
Our innovative Luxury Touch Denim trousers provide the slimming fit you’re used to, but with the added luxury of a super-soft, premium denim fabric. This provides even more comfort. The trousers are available in different designs and washes, so there’s a pair to suit every style!

Super Sculpt 
Super Sculpt fabric ensures a beautifully formed silhouette and it’s a sturdy fabric, offering extra support and comfort. Moreover, the trousers follow your every move without losing their original shape, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. The slightly thicker fabric is perfect for colder days. Go ahead and choose from one of the basic designs!

Shape 360° Denim
Shape 360° Denim fabric is an innovative quality made with 4-way stretch that follows your every move and lifts your figure in all the right places. These trousers are perfect when you want to be able to move freely and look stylish at the same time. The jeans are available in various designs and colours, so there’s always a pair that suits you perfectly!

Water Conscious Denim
NYDJ has developed a way to produce denim without using as much water, which saves millions of litres each year.  The result: Water Concious Denim.  This collection consists of styles that use up to 50% less water and are washed in fully recycled water. 

Coolmax® denim 
This lightweight denim fabric is specially developed for warm days. The material consists of specially designed fibres that keep you cool at high temperatures, thanks to their breathability. 

Sure Stretch Denim 
This denim quality has the best of stretch denim and ensures unbelievable, wearing comfort. The memory fabric ‘bounces back’, so the trousers keep their shape.